Effective March 18, 2019, all CSRA Worksource OneStop and OneStop Affiliate offices will be temporarily closed to the public until further notice. 
Additionally, all CSRA office and affliate office locations are closed to the public.
We will provide updates on this web page as developments are made, so please check back for more information.


Economic Strengths & Opportunities


  • Strong crossroads location between Atlanta, Savannah and Columbia,SC
  • Proximity to other major cities and ports
  • Continued strong growth of the metropolitan economy
  • Availability of adequate long-term water supply
  • Affordable energy source (i.e. electricity, natural gas)
  • Low cost of living
  • Affordable housing supply
  • Available workforce
  • Higher education opportunities -- intellectual capital
  • International branding of Augusta (i.e. the Master's)
  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit
  • Similarities in priorities and strategies among economic development organizations
  • Accessible industrial and commercial areas
  • Community very responsive to business needs
  • Favorable land use and zoning regulations


  • Strong area workforce
  • Energy sector workforce (i.e. Plant Vogtle)
  • Fort Gordon mission growth
  • Area recreational facilities
  • Biotech sector growth
  • Strong entrepreneurial local business community
  • Increased tourism
  • Stabilizing and growing national economy
  • Growing international markets need trading partners and increased foreign investment