Economic Strengths & Opportunities


  • Strong crossroads location between Atlanta, Savannah and Columbia,SC
  • Proximity to other major cities and ports
  • Continued strong growth of the metropolitan economy
  • Availability of adequate long-term water supply
  • Affordable energy source (i.e. electricity, natural gas)
  • Low cost of living
  • Affordable housing supply
  • Available workforce
  • Higher education opportunities -- intellectual capital
  • International branding of Augusta (i.e. the Master's)
  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit
  • Similarities in priorities and strategies among economic development organizations
  • Accessible industrial and commercial areas
  • Community very responsive to business needs
  • Favorable land use and zoning regulations


  • Strong area workforce
  • Energy sector workforce (i.e. Plant Vogtle)
  • Fort Gordon mission growth
  • Area recreational facilities
  • Biotech sector growth
  • Strong entrepreneurial local business community
  • Increased tourism
  • Stabilizing and growing national economy
  • Growing international markets need trading partners and increased foreign investment