Regional Planning

The Regionally Important Resources Plan

The CSRA RC Regionally Important Resources Plan is intended to serve as a guide for the protection and management of the many important natural, cultural, and historic resources found throughout the CSRA region. These resources are those determined to be of value to the region and thus the state, and to be vulnerable to the effects of uncontrolled or incompatible development.  Additionally, the plan hopes to lay a foundation for improved local, regional and state level coordination in protecting and managing these important resources.

The current Regionally Important Resources Plan was developed in 2011.  The full plan is viewable through the link below.

CSRA Regionally Important Resources Plan


The Regional Plan

The CSRA Regional Plan (‘the Plan’) is the long-range plan for the management of the region’s projected growth by local governments and the CSRA Regional Commission.  The Plan’s horizon is twenty years but will be updated every five years to address changing regional conditions.  

The current Regional Plan was developed in 2018-19 and features a work program that is updated annually.   


FY2021 Annual Report (draft)