Regional Planning

The CSRA Regional Plan (‘the Plan’) is the long-range plan for the management of the region’s projected growth by local governments and the CSRA Regional Commission.  The Plan’s horizon is twenty years but will be updated every five years to address changing regional conditions.  

The current Regional Plan was developed in 2012 and features a work program that is updated on an annual basis.  A full plan update is currently underway and will be completed in 2018.  

Previous CSRA Regional Plan: 2013-2035

2018 Plan Update

October 26, 2017 - Kickoff public hearing

Summer/Fall 2018 - 3 public listening sessions will be held in 3 counties in different areas of the region.

  • July 17, 2018, 5-7PM - Listening Session at Grovetown CIty Hall
  • July 26, 2018, 4-6PM - Listening Session at Warren County Community Services Building

October 2018 

  • October 30, 2018, 1-5PM- Listening Session at CSRARC
  • October 30, 2018, 6 PM - 2nd public hearing 

November 2018 - March 2019 

  • Plan review by interested parties and DCA
  • Plan revisions

March/April 2019 - Projected final Plan adoption   


As part of the planning process, stakeholders were invited to take a survey regarding the plan update. Survey questions and results will be available in the Final Plan.  Keep checking back on this page as the drafts will be uploaded here as well.  Email us at for a copy of the draft document if you have trouble accessing it.