Current Bid Opportunities

The Augusta Chronicle is the Commission's legal organ. This page is provided as an additional service for potential bidders. To the best extent possible, CSRA RC will post requests for proposals (RFP) and requests for qualifications (RFQ) on this page. However, due to the possibility of technical difficulties associated with web page hosting, CSRA RC does not warrant or affirm that those bids listed below are the only current opportunities for responding to RFPs or RFQs.

The CSRA RC may, from time-to-time, issue Requests for Applications for grant funds that do not require open bidding and are earmarked for specific entities. In these cases, CSRA RC will notify potential applicants of the availability of such funds, and the RFA information may or may not be included on this site.



TITLE: Workforce Development Youth Programs and Services

RFP DUE DATE: 3:00 PM, December 14, 2018


The Central Savannah River Area Regional Commission is seeking responses as noted below.  If you are interested in responding to our Request for Proposals, please do so by the date noted in this RFP and in the manner so described.

The CSRA Regional Commission (hereinafter referred to by name or “CSRA RC”), as the WIOA Fiscal Agent/Grant Recipient, 3626 Walton Way Ext., Suite 300, Augusta, GA 30909, will receive responses (hereinafter referred to as “Response” or “Responses” or “Bid” or “Bids”) to this Request for Proposals (RFP) until 3:00 PM on  12/14/2018 , for the Scope of Services outlined below.

A mandatory conference for all bidders will be held on   11/16/2018  at  10:00 AM  at the CSRA Regional Commission. No responses will be accepted after 3:00 PM on  12/14/2018.  The CSRA RC reserves the right to request additional information from any Responder(s) submitting a response to this RFP if the CSRA RC, in its sole discretion, deems such information necessary to further evaluate the responses to this RFP.  The CSRA RC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to interview any Responder(s) responding to this RFP.  The CSRA RC reserves the right to waive informalities and minor irregularities in submittals and reserves the sole right to determine what constitutes informalities or minor irregularities.  Responder(s) shall be responsible for all costs associated with responding to this RFP.

 Any questions concerning this RFP or requests for additional information must be directed in writing to:  or  
Andy Crosson, Executive Director
CSRA Regional Commission
626 Walton Way Ext., Suite 300 Augusta, GA 30909

by 12:00 p.m. on  12/7/2018 .

Answers/responses from the CSRA RC to questions or requests for additional information will be in writing and will be provided to all persons who have received a copy of this RFP and/or requested to be included on the mailing list for potential addendums as noted above.

The CSRA RC will evaluate each Response, choosing the one(s) that, in the CSRA RC’s sole discretion, is/are the most responsive (not necessarily the lowest in cost) for the particular contract, best addresses the work to be performed, taking into consideration factors such as price, potential ability to perform successfully under the terms and conditions of the contract, relevant past project experience/qualifications, organizational capacity, budget/financial capacity, and responses to the scope of work and performance overview sections of this response. 

The CSRA RC also reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to contact any and/or all Responders after receiving the Responder(s)’s submittal to seek clarification of any portion thereof.  The CSRA RC reserves the right to request additional information from any and/or all Responder(s) if the CSRA RC deems, in its sole discretion, such information necessary to further evaluate the Responder(s)’s qualifications and/or capacity to perform. 

The CSRA Regional Commission reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel the RFP at any time, to amend the RFP before the due date for responses, to alter the time tables for procurement as set forth in the RFP prior to the due date, to reject any or all Responses submitted, and/or to waive any technicalities or formalities

Awarding of any contracts and any subsequent periodic payments during the grant period is contingent upon receipt of local, state and federal funds during the contract period.