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Fort Gordon/Central Savannah River Area Compatible Use Study

The Central Savannah River Area Regional Commission (CSRA RC), a public sector, non-profit planning and development agency that serves a 13-county region in the eastern portion of Central Georgia, is requesting proposals (RFP) from consultants to assist with the development and preparation of items for the implementation of the Fort Gordon/Central Savannah River Area Compatible Use Study (CUS).  The population both on and off the installation has increased over the years, and that trend will continue.  In order to mitigate potential encroachment, protect missions and ensure quality of life, the communities and Fort Gordon have joined to undertake this implementation process. Funding for this project has been obtained from the Department of Defense (DOD), Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA).

Implementing the CUS is part of a wider effort of continuous, coordinated, and comprehensive planning between Fort Gordon and surrounding communities that began in the early 2000s with the Fort Gordon Joint Land Use Study.  It continues on the installation and off with local and regional planning efforts by Fort Gordon, the CSRA RC, and its member communities.

RFP Time Schedule

Announcement of RFP – January 28, 2021

Consultant Questions for RFP – Due by February 11, 2021 by 4:30 p.m.

Responses to Consultant Questions – by February 25, 2021

Proposals – Due by March 18, 2021 by 4:30 p.m.

Proposal Reviews – March 19 - April 1, 2021

Selection Announcement – April 2021

Parties interested in applying may obtain a copy of the RFP, which includes a detailed scope of work, from the CSRA RC’s website at

The CSRA RC will evaluate each Response, choosing the one that, in the CSRA RC’s sole discretion, is the most responsive (not necessarily the lowest in cost), best addresses the work to be performed, taking into consideration factors such as price, potential ability to perform successfully under the terms and conditions of the contract, relevant past project experience/qualifications, and financial and organizational capacity.

The CSRA RC may, at its sole discretion, contact any and/or all Responders after receiving proposals to seek clarification of any portion thereof or to interview the Responder.  The CSRA RC may request additional information from any and/or all Responder(s) if the CSRA RC deems, in its sole discretion, such information necessary to further evaluate qualifications and/or capacity to perform.

The CSRA RC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel the RFP at any time, to amend the RFP before the due date for responses, to alter the time tables for procurement as set forth in the RFP prior to the due date, to reject any or all Responses submitted, and/or to waive any technicalities or informalities.  Awarding of any contract and any subsequent periodic payments during the grant period is contingent upon receipt of local, state and federal funds during the contract period.   EOE / ADA / M/F/H/O 


Submitted Questions and Responses:

  • Can an 11x17 page be utilized for schedule or org chart if necessary? If so, would it count as one page or two? An 11x17 page size is acceptable for the org chart and schedule.  It will count as one (1) page.
  • Does the 11-pt font size restriction apply to graphics? No
  • In light of COVID restrictions, would it be possible that the hard copy requirement be waived? No
  • The Cost Proposal description (page 13, item 3C) states that “the cost proposal shall include a firm-fixed price per deliverable for each task…” Some tasks have combined draft and final versions of reports, and some have them listed separately. How do you wish us to approach pricing each deliverable?  Price deliverables are by task.  If there are draft and final products in a task, you may provide a cost break-down of each product type if you desire.  Each task must have include a final total cost.  
  • Is the planning scope focused outside the base? Yes
  • Who did the previous study with a focus on lighting? A lighting study was not performed as part of the JLUS.  Rather, it has been identified as a potential issue given the growth of mission at Fort Gordon and population / development growth in surrounding communities.
  • How many stakeholder meetings are anticipated?  There can be up to 6 meetings with the Implementation Committee, but additional communications with stakeholders for research or other purposes should be anticipated, as well an occasional public presentation.  Response proposals should include a meeting schedule and project timeline.
  • Who are the stakeholders? The primary stakeholders are members of the Implementation Committee and their respective organizations.
  • Will the study take into account transportation and public health issues?  This project does not include any transportation or public health components.
  • Will the study take into account Social Justice and equity issues?  There are no known issues to address.  However, if something is discovered during the course of the project, it can be addressed in the document(s) and recommendations.
  • At what level are the recommendations? Comprehensive plan level for each jurisdiction?  Some recommendations may be applicable to one or more jurisdictions, but recommendations should include information such as a cost range, timeframe, and responsible party.
  • Has a budget been established? If so, can it be disclosed at this time? The project has a budget and will be funded with federal and local funds. Response quotes should be based on the tasks to be performed.  This is a competitive procurement in which price is part of the evaluation criteria. Therefore, budget information will not be disclosed.
  • What are the major light pollution issues?  At present, there are no known light pollution issues for training.  Rather, the potential for light pollution exists due to mission growth and population / development growth in surrounding communities. The lighting study should examine items such as the current environment, areas for potential light pollution (based on factors such as building and development patterns) in the future and mitigation options, and actions that will maintain the current off-post lighting environment.  
  • Would a market analysis help this process?  No 
  • Has the CSRA RC established the Compatible Use Plan Implementation Committee?  If so, who are the members?  If not, who do you plan to include on the Implementation Committee?  No, officials and staff from surrounding local governments, Fort Gordon, and the Alliance for Fort Gordon will make up the Implementation Committee.
  • How does CSRA RC staff envision coordination between this Compatible Use Plan Implementation project activity with the Fort Gordon Regional Growth Management Plan project?  Do you plan to use a single community organizational structure to oversee both projects?  The two projects are separate and should not overlap. Members of the advisory committee for the FGRGMP may also be part of the Implementation Committee.
  • Would the Commission consider accepting electronic submittals in lieu of the multiple printed copies? No
  • Is the set of information required in the cover letter for the prime firm only? Or all team members? Subcontractors must also be identified in the cover letter.
  • Can proposals be printed double-sided? Yes, but a double-sided page still counts as 2 pages.
  • Page 13 indicates “7 copies and 1 PDF” of the proposal and a separate envelope containing “1 hardcopy and 1 PDF” of the cost proposal should be submitted. Page 16 indicates “one original and 6 bound copies” should be submitted. Can you clarify which is correct? Responders shall submit seven (7) printed hard copies (1 original + 6 copies) of their proposal along with one (1) pdf electronic copy on CD or thumb drive.  The cost proposal shall be submitted in a separate envelop and labeled “Cost Proposal”. One (1) printed hardcopy and one (1) pdf electronic copy on CD or thumb drive are required.
  • Could Helvetica be considered a standard font? Or are Arial and Times New Roman the only acceptable fonts? Yes


There are no other bid opportunities at this time.