Youth Opportunities

Today's youth population faces challenges and barriers to economic security and empowerment that include high rates of poverty, unemployment, and crime, as well as low educational attainment, teenage pregnancy and drug use. Community collaboration and partnerships foster an integrated system to address educational attainment, preparation for unsubsidized employment, leadership development, mentoring, job placement assistance and long-term follow up.

The Workforce Development Board guides and forms an integrated vision for serving youth in the regional economy within the context of workforce investment, social services, juvenile justice, and integration.

Youth ages 16-24 may access programs that foster workplace readiness, GED or other credential completion and career-enhancing networking opportunities.

Internships, apprenticeships and leadership training are incorporated to ensure that participants are ready to enter full time employment after completing any CSRA workforce program.

To find out more about programs in individual counties, please contact Kiki Murray at 706-210-2000 or